Our adventure at Transpotec

Our adventure at Transpotec

For over ten years, Freedompro has been designing and developing solutions for the home automation sector, with the main goal of making the connected home accessible to everyone and remarking on the concept of well-living, maintaining the human being at the heart of every process. 

Leveraging this decades of experience gained in the smart home field, with a focus on comfort and safety affecting it, Freedompro decided to explore a new concept of transportation protection to help the logistics sector.

The company's goal is to bring a breath of smart and innovative air to the solid and deep-rooted logistics industry. To do that, Freedompro kept its values and mindset strong, transforming the concept "your smart home, but better" into a more suitable "your logistics, but smart."

Among the motivations that prompted Freedompro to embark on this new path, surely the security and safeguarding of cargo loads is the main one. In fact, the transportation of goods has always been heavily marred by large losses due to numerous thefts by organized gangs.

To better understand the problem, reference can be made to data provided by TAPA EMEA, the main body dealing with transportation safety in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. An initial study done by the European Parliament estimated about 8 billion euros in losses per year. According to a study carried out by the European Parliament, 8 to 12 billion euros per year in stolen goods per year has been estimated for the past two years, and this figure is steadily increasing. According to some reports, the number of crimes reported to the Incident Information Service is growing by 115 percent each year. This is a frightening statistic that only worsens an alarming situation in itself.

All the major European powers are victims of this unpleasant phenomenon. In fact, about 94 percent of the thefts reported to the IIS come from countries such as: United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Russia and Belgium.

Designed to provide maximum safety, traceability and control for logistics, Cargo Safety System allows for live control, scheduling and modification of cargo movements and permissions to manage it. In addition, the system provides real-time notifications to alert users about events that occur during transportation. The actual device that effectively prevents burglary and break-in attempts completes the service offered by Cargo Safety System: Cargo Safety Lock, a Plug & Play smart lock that combines security, strength and quality to achieve full control of the cargo. After installing the device on the tailgate of the vehicle, Cargo Safety System portal is up and running immediately. In fact, the dashboard will show all vehicles equipped with the device that can be accessed or given access to, depending on your role.

Freedompro seems to have hit the mark, managing to take part in the annual Transpotec-Logitec exhibition, one of the most important shows for the logistics sector.

The expo was undoubtedly a great opportunity for the company, which took full advantage of the chance to present and illustrate its new smart vision of logistics at Fieramilano.

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