Cargo Safety System

Cargo Safety System brings a new concept in cargo and goods protection, ensuring the integrity of the transport throughout the entire route. 

Designed to offer a complete control solution, from device concept to management portal development, Cargo Safety System is the ideal solution to achieve maximum security, traceability and control for logistics.

From the dashboard, in fact, it is possible to schedule, manage and modify in real time who, where and when accesses the load of goods. This way, you will be the one to set permissions and authorizations for the selected driver according to location, date and time and receive custom alerts notifications in case of anomalies.

Thanks to the API, you can integrate all third-party logistics systems and manage your Cargo Safety System from your own software.

Monitor the security of your cargo remotely

Improve the efficiency of your transport organization thanks to the intuitive and immediate interface.

Manage users, permits and schedules and get real time information on the status of all your goods, wherever you are.

Real time control

Keep track of all your cargo status live from one place

A network of permits

Through the portal you can manage not only access and lock opening permissions, but also send invitations for multi-level management of permissions for each lock

Your transport, but safe

Installing the smart lock is really easy: thanks to the assembly kit included in the package it will take just a few minutes to make your logistics safe, smart and controlled.

Plug & Play

The small and compact size of the Cargo Safety Lock makes installation quick and easy, after which it is ready for immediate use, thanks also to the easy pairing configuration.


Designed to withstand a variety of adversities: from break-ins to rough and hectic work. In addition to having a strong steel pin, it’s also waterproof and weatherproof.


Suitable for installation on a wide variety of heavy vehicles (trucks, isothermic vehicles, containers and more), Cargo Safety Lock has all the characteristics required by TAPA and Vanini certifications.


Thanks to our smart system, Cargo Safety Lock is connected 24/7 and able to handle critical situations by sending out notifications, alerts or fault reports.

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